Terapeak vs Vendio vs Auctiva: Pricing, Features & Customer Service Compared
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Terapeak vs Vendio vs Auctiva: Pricing, Features & Customer Service Compared

Terapeak is a data tool to help you gain an edge with keywords for Amazon and eBay. It’s an effective tool for sourcing cheaper products you can sell for more on your site. Vendio goes further and gives you the ability to setup an ecommerce site with a shopping cart directly. Auctiva is mostly for eBay users and it includes free tools like a scrolling gallery popular on eBay.
Covered in this report
Terapeak — Best Features
Score your listings based on search optimization and conversion.
Analyze based on risk to find high return and low risk approaches.
Best for: Amazon sellers who need an edge with keywords and other data.
Best deal: Over 50% Discount On The Annual Billing Plan - [activate coupon]
Vendio — Best Features
Set up an ecommerce site complete with shopping cart.
Live chat and phone support available with plans.
Best for: Those who need help starting their ecommerce page.
Auctiva — Best Features
Free scrolling gallery for showing your listings on eBay.
Automatic feedback program makes the process easier.
Best for: Those selling on eBay who want to try out the tool extensively first.

The Internet gives you a ton of potential business opportunities, but it also gives you a lot of competition since it can come from anywhere in the world. The key to getting ahead is using e-commerce tools that give you an edge in your particular field. Here are a few such tools so you can compare and contrast.


Terapeak is a tool focused on helping those who planning on doing a lot of selling on eBay and Amazon. The tool is also partnered with Alibaba.com, and it’s been featured in a number of famous publications including The Motley Fool, Time, USA Today and the Wallstreet Journal.


  • Free Trial-You can hit the orange “Free Trial” rectangle after filling in your email and name on the main page to try out the tool without spending any money. This trial lasts for 7 days.
  • Find Products and Source Them-The tool lets you look for the more popular items on eBay within your parameters in order to see how they’re doing and what their source is.
  • Check Most Popular Keywords-You can also find the best keywords for a particular product based on what customers are searching for specifically in certain platforms.
  • Marketing Scores-The tool can be used to score your listings based on how effective the tool believes they are for search optimization and conversion.



Vendio lets you do more than just check keywords, you can setup your e-commerce site right through the service, and even integrate


  • Cloud-based Store-Vendio lets you start your own eCommerce site, it will give you a shopping cart system to go with the site as well.
  • Import Services and Products-After you get a subscription through Vendio, you can import stuff like eBay and Amazon accounts. You can also import your CSV as well to get them published where you want. You can then integrate all of this into one storefront that’s custom designed the way that you want.
  • Sell on Facebook-You can even use the product to sell to people through Facebook, if this is something that you want.
  • Get Your Store Featured-If you visit the Stores Directory on the site, you can click the “Want your store to be featured?” link to email them and get a featured spot.



There’s a lot of information about how Auctiva works available right through the main site, such as the video tour that shows you the tool over the course of 2 minutes.  The service has high volume with over 3 million eBay postings done every month from over 1.7 million users.


  • 30-day Free Trial-You can sign up for a free trial of Auctiva right through the main page using Facebook. There’s also an option for skipping Facebook if you don’t want to use it or don’t have an account.
  • Free Scrolling Gallery-This scrolling gallery feature lets you show your customers images of all of your auctions. According to the site, this is the most popular gallery tool on eBay.
  • A+ BBB Rating-The Better Business Bureau gives Auctiva its highest rating due to the fact that there have only been 16 complaints in the last 3 years, and it appears that they’ve all been closed.
  • Over 1800 Templates for eBay-You can choose from a large number of templates that were designed professionally to help your eBay selling efforts.

Head to Head


Terapeak costs $7.49 per month if you pay for it annually for the Personal plan. This gives you a 90-day history and basic features like the ability to find and source products. The professional version is about $15 per month if you buy it annually.

The price for the simplest Vendio plan is $25 per month for the “Starter” plan. This gives you 500MB of storage, access to all of the support features including email, chat, and phone. You also get a break on shipping insurance, and access to Facebook, eBay, and Amazon features. Plans go all the way up to premiere managed at $250 per month.

Auctiva is the cheapest of them all at $3 per month for 500 MB in image hosting for 15 listings. This includes supersized images and scheduled listings. The price goes all the way up to the Pro Plan for $20 per month with unlimited eBay listings and 2 GB of image storage space.

Features and Customer Service

Terapeak has features like TRUSTe for Internet privacy certification. You can check the seal in the bottom left corner of the site to confirm this. The Personal service has plenty of standard features including product locating and sourcing, for example. It seems that Terapeak doesn’t offer cancelations or refunds at all, so customer service for this is moot. You can stop service in cases of automatic renewal within 30 days, however. It’s not exactly easy to contact the customer service, but you can get started through the “Help Center” link. You then have to click on an article here, and then hit “Submit a ticket” to contact them.

Vendio has a 15 day trial as opposed to Terapeak’s 7 days. They use Comodo for security instead of TRUSTe. They have a contact link that’s a hundred times easier to find than on Terapeak since it’s right in the bottom left corner of the main page. This brings you to an email form you can fill in to get help. There’s also a Personal Assistance link here as well, that tells you about the phone and chat part of the customer service support. You only get access to this if you sign up for a plan.

Auctiva has a 30 day free trial, which is the best out of the three. They also use Qualys Secure for Internet security, which is definitely more obscure than TRUSTe or Comodo. Auctiva also has a number of free services like their scrolling gallery, automatic emails for marketing, and even an automatic feedback feature. The customer service features for Auctiva includes a standard email form, though it looks like this might be for customers only. You can access this from the “Help” link in the top right corner.

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Terapeak Coupon: Over 50% Discount On The Annual Billing Plan - Activate
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