Volusion vs BigCommerce vs Product Cart: Which has the Best Shopping Cart Software?
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Volusion vs BigCommerce vs Product Cart: Which has the Best Shopping Cart Software?

Volusion is great for smaller businesses since the integration features will allow a small business to get wide coverage quickly, and the cost-effective plans help too. Big Commerce has a really easy interface and some marketing options that make it ideal for non-experts. Product Cart doesn't go the service route at all, and instead lets you purchase entire shopping carts. It has lots of nice features for larger organizations like a reward points system.
Covered in this report
Volusion — Best Features
Amazon integration means you get your own store but also the benefit of Amazon's audience.
Ebay Integration lets you create Ebay shopping pages that also work on yoru particualr page.
Best for: Those who plan on doing a wide campaign using mobile, Ebay, Amazon and others due to Volusion's wide integration capabilities.
BigCommerce — Best Features
Easy Drag and Drop Interface for non-html experts.
Mail Chimp integration lets you create easy email marketing campaigns that go right into your shopping cart.
Best for: Beginners who don't know HTML and who want most everything set up for them, including easy marketing campaigns.
Best deal: 10% discount on each item - [activate coupon]
Product Cart — Best Features
Purcase a completely custom cart with no ongoing monthly fees.
The Reward points add-on lets you create your own unique loyalty points system for your brand.
Best for: Those with larger businesses who want full customization and the ability to own a cart instead of leasing one.

Very professional e-commerce websites aren’t just for the richest of businesses anymore. It’s now possible to get things like shopping cart software that is not only automated, but that draws customers in, encouraging them to buy due to the simple interface. The question is, which software is the best for your business?


Volusion has handled over 11 billion dollars in transactions for people online. They have over 450 employees, and have their headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company was founded by Kevin Sproles in 1999.


-Increase Sales 3x on Average

-Free Trial

-40,000 Online Stores

-24x7 Support- For the “Mini” plan you get online support. Only. As you go up in plans you get phone support, and then finally “priority support” which means that you’ll get shorter wait times when you call in.

-Mobile/Facebook Store

-Amazon Integration- Use your Volusion store to also sell right through Amazon in order to benefit from their hundreds of millions of shoppers. This is only available through the Gold Plan.

-PCI Certified-This stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard,” and it’s one of the highest certifications for identifying companies dedicated to keeping your data safe.

The "Mini" plan is one of the cheapest around. Click "Sign Up" on the Volusion page to get started.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce has a toll-free number for any questions you have about purchased products. It’s 1-888-699-8911. Big Commerce has a bit of a lighter tone than some other companies out there. They describe themselves as a “Recipe for Awesome,” going on to indicate that this recipe includes a preparation time of 4 years that involves serving with beer.


-Over 65 Countries

-No Credit Card Needed

-Build Store Right from Main Page- Just type in your store name and click “Start my free trial now” and you’ll get up and running right form the main page. The free trial lasts for 15 days.

-High End Plans-The Diamond Plan features unlimited products, and unlimited bandwidth and storage per month.

- $100 Google Adwords-Spend $25 on Google Adwords and you get $100 when you sign up.

-Drag and Drop Design-You don’t have to be a tech expert to use the system, since you can just drag and drop panels wherever you want them to go. No HTML needed.

-Mail Chimp Email Marketing Integration- Create email campaigns that go straight to your shopping cart with this convenient integration.

The "Bronze" plan is better for smaller businesses, but with still a lot of the features needed.

The "Statistics" button keys you into evertything you need to know about your business.


Product Cart comes from the company Early Impact, and they’ve been around since 2001. They’re headquartered in Ocala, Florida. You can contact them with problems at (800)709-3240. ProductCart approaches the online shopping cart business in a different way than the other two. With ProductCart, you purchase your cart and own it from there on out, with no monthly service setup.


-Pa-DSS Validated Shopping-This validating system will keep your data safe.

-Demo Stores-Instead of offering a trial version, you can get a “demo store” that’s meant to be used out of the box.

-Quickbooks Synchronizer

-Conflict Management Add-on- This optional add-on lets you define the rules of your shopping cart. You could for example, have customers be directed to purchase one product when the buy another, if these products need to go together, such as expansions for software.

-Google Analytics Integration

-Reward Points-Add a complete loyalty point system to your shopping cart to reward customers for purchases and for referring other customers.

The Control Panel has "Msot Recent Orders" and other useful info right from the main page.

Choose either "Standard" or "Build to Order" 

Head to Head


Volusion’s cheapest plan is $15 per month for 100 products sold per month and 1GB of data transfer provided.  This goes all the way up to $195 for the Platinum plan.

Big Commerce goes from $24.95 a month for a “Bronze” plan, all the way up to $299.95 for a Diamond Plan. This means that Volusion is quite a bit cheaper on all ends.

Product Cart lets you purchase the shopping cart directly for $695. Or, you can get a completely custom Cart for  $1,495.

This means that Volusion is the cheapest, but Product Cart lets you actually completely own a custom cart forever.



“The Volusion platform is very scalable, from a small business to an extremely large one- it’s very easy to add and organize items… the integrations and upgradeable features are fantastic for us.”

-Thomas from Mellow Johnnys

Product Cart-

Anyone who purchases a art other than (this one) has no idea what they’re missing!!!”

-Kandiss H. Howard



Big- If you have a larger business, you’ll probably want more customization and options with a system like ProductCart.

Medium- Big Commerce could very well be ideal for businesses in the middle range, partly due to the easy method of creating the cart to begin with that will help with mid-level volumes, and partly because of their mid-range price.

Small- Volusion will be good for smaller businesses due to its cheaper products.

Additional Information
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